Employment law and social security
  • Workplace inspections and social security
  • Redundancies
  • Work-related accidents
  • Dismissals and claims for payment
  • Defence before employment tribunals and employment arbitration procedures
Civil law
  • Drafting and review of all kinds of civil contracts
  • Inheritance law: inheritances, claims for statutory portions
  • Insurance. Legal advice and defence in the event of accidents
  • Defence representation before civil courts
Property law
  • Drafting and review of contracts (leases, purchases, exchanges...)
  • Advice in matters regarding leases and horizontal property Defence in evictions and repossessions
  • Legal and tax reporting prior to real estate operations
Tax Law
  • Tax inspections
  • Tax penalties
  • Payment of taxes (Property Transfer Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax, Capital Gains Tax...)
  • Personal Income Tax - IRPF
  • Tax appeals
Commercial law
  • Business law. Commercial contracts with clients, suppliers and within the framework of strategic alliances, both national and international
  • Setting-up, transformation, merger and dissolution of companies
  • Statutory amendments, capital increases and reductions
  • Attendance at board meetings
  • Purchase of companies
  • Bankruptcy law: Advice and defence representation of both creditors and companies in a situation of insolvency in meetings of creditors.
  • Company restructuring
  • Claims for outstanding amounts
  • Defence representation before the commercial courts: challenge of corporate agreements, administrator liability actions
Administrative law
  • Penalty proceedings
  • Administrative procedures
  • Defence representation before the contentious-administrative courts
Criminal law
  • Crimes against the public tax authorities
  • Economic crimes
  • Liability of administrators, corporate crimes
  • Defence representation before the criminal courts