We work for your peace of mind

Adan Advocats assist businesspeople. We guide you in your business dealings. We give you legal peace of mind in your decision making and help you to resolve conflicts if necessary. With offices in Vic and Barcelona, Adan Advocats assist companies in their national and international business dealings.

Your problems: ours

Adan Advocats make the legal problems that clients bring to them their own. We look for practical and agile solutions, constantly seeking to innovate and excel.

Preventive advice

We understand that preventive advice represents the most cost-effective solution for your company, avoiding the conflicts and risks that can arise every day, especially before engaging in legal negotiations of any kind, and also in the day-to-day running of your company's activity. This gives you peace of mind in your operations, minimises the likelihood of a conflict arising and, if one does, offers you a greater guarantee of success in defending your interests

Legal advice and defence services

If you are involved in a conflict or legal problem, Adan Advocats provide comprehensive legal advice and defence services, both judicial and extrajudicial, before whatever authorities and public administration bodies that are necessary, in order to assert your rights.

Your peace of mind, the most important

At Adan Advocats we listen to you, analyse your situation, study your case, advise you and act accordingly. Our priority is to assist our clients in every single stage of the process and keep them clearly informed of the situation so that they can rest assured that we are doing our utmost to find the most suitable solution.